The easy way to monitor,
validate and fix your data

Don't spend money and time on building your own data backend, Data Ninja is an online tool that connects to your database and validates new and existing data. We perform checks and alert you of any issues, which you can review and fix if necessary.

We'll only email once.

Data Ninja puts you in control of your data

Easy to use

Our data backend allows anyone to quickly set up advanced data validation rules and see what’s going on.

Connect to any database

We support connections to MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL and Oracle databases. Need more? Talk to us.

Data quality report

We’ll send you a summary email after a validation run has taken place.

Fix data on the fly

Provide us with the correct values and we’ll update the database for you, or generate an SQL statement for you to run yourself.

API for full integration

Use our API to trigger data checks after completing data processing. Integrate Data Ninja in your site management workflow.


Connections to your database are encrypted. We do not store your data after processing. Need more security? Host your own instance.

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